Cotton, Linen And Wool Suits

Wool Suit. A wool suit remains a staple in any professional man or woman's wardrobe. Great for cooler weather, this type of suit has a thicker material keeping the body warm in the coldest of winter days.

However, before we jump into that, have a look at the comparison pic below of me wearing linen blend, wool and cotton suits.

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Sep 27,  · Cotton suits are considered a more casual, summer alternative to wearing a wool suit (and linen more so). Wool suits will, for the most part, be dressier and there are wools you can wear year round and some that are specific to summer and winter.
Tip: Choose wool as an all-year option for suits. Best for slimmer men and those wanting a more luxurious look (especially cashmere) for work wear, as well as formal occasions.
A % wool suit might be too warm to be worn in the summer; a wool/cotton blend can be a great option for those seeking relief from the heat. Our Tropical Blend suits adapt to your thermal needs. They release heat when you need to cool down and store heat when the AC is too high in the office.
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However, before we jump into that, have a look at the comparison pic below of me wearing linen blend, wool and cotton suits. And while I might be trying to be funny I am trying to make a point: When I say finish I mean the way the fabric looks.

Wool is sleeker and shinier than the other two fabrics and adds that classic sharpness you expect from your suit. Having said that, some would say linen has more character, which basically means it looks more worn-in straight out of the box. Cotton is generally quite matte and heavy looking compared to the other cloths; I generally find cotton to be woven the most tightly.

Wool drapes nicely and shapes to the body due to its elasticity. It will also pull back into shape far more than the other two cloths. Linen has poor elasticity and therefore does not stretch in the way wool does. It also tends to wrinkle — due to the lack of elasticity. Most people know linen as a wrinkly fabric and this is something to take into account when purchasing a linen suit. It is, however, often woven quite loosely and therefore is quite light and comfortable to wear.

Cotton also has poor elasticity and is generally the most tightly woven fabric. The combination of those two means cotton probably drapes the poorest out of all three fabric types — it just tends to be a bit stiff. Great as a travel blazer, too, as it doesn't wrinkle at all.

Yes, I think that cotton tends to wrinkle more than wool at least in the quality ranges that I am familiar with , but less than linen. I think that cotton suits serve more or less the same purposes as linen suits. Nice summer wear, with a more "casual" look than wool. I thought about a suit, but as trousers tend to wrinkle more than the jacket as, in summer, you often take your jacket off at work, at least, I do , I decided that to go for an odd jacket and a set of different cotton trousers to go with it.

Also, the a bit "wrinkled" look is OK. At least at my job, we tend to dress more casually in summer. A light wool is good when you have air conditioning and aren't walking around too much outside even in California's dry heat. But I wear my black linen suit with a linen dress shirt in degree heat and hardly sweat, amazing indeed. Love my cotton and linen suits.

How about cotton and wool suits? I have seen some fabrics. Would be very interested in information from those who have such garments. It's dark blue with white pinstripes, and the linen in it gives the blue that nice almost uneven and vibrant color, reminding on denim almost. Anyway, the thing that amazed me most was how little it wrinkles, i was expecting it to wrinkle a lot but after two days of wearing it it has no wrinkles at all, comparable to all-wool suits in fact.

Might be a good alternative to cotton suits for summer. I had also been tempted by this http: I went dancing today, had my tango lesson in a wool suit, and from there we went to a salsa club and after some dances merengues, salsas and bachatas It was real hot in the pants Anyway I'll do an experiment, next time I'll go with the same girl to the same place with a cotton suit and report on the difference You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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