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This section began as a result of my verifying some cloaks and mantelets for a collector and seller of museum quality antique year old English clothing for ebay auctions. There are a few but most people here tend to layer, wear cheaper parkas or have an incredible tolerance to cold that lets them wander around in light jackets and bareheaded in the winter. This coat its the epitome of warm!

This all-purpose Barbour waxed-cotton jacket has a broken-in, shine-free Sylkoil finish for the ultimate in classic weather resistance. It features two front bellows pockets with snap storm flaps and two moleskin-lined handwarmer pockets.
7 New Ways to Wear Your Denim Jacket Bright Whites. Opt for an all-white denim jacket instead of a dark blue and pair with light grays and off-whites. Over a Tie-Neck Blouse. Play with textures by layering your topper over a striped tie-neck blouse. With a Crop Top. Look for Cut-Outs. Match Your Materials. Perfect your Canadian tux, a la Alexa Chung, with kick flare jeans a red Mary Janes. (2 more items).
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There are ten styles of jackets you should have in your closet, from leather jacket, to denim jacket, to overcoat, to evening coat, to rain jacket.
Jan 19,  · Blame it on the falling leaves (and the falling temps), but we've had a certain piece of clothing on our minds as of late: getdangero.ga, as the blue skies turn to Home Country: US.
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The worst type of cold is the feeling of the wet windchill biting your bones while waiting for a bus. So while waiting for budget transit in Toronto, I asked Canada Goose parka wearers why they bought a $ coat.

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Do you have any idea of how that coyote suffered for your fashion statement? I would spend the money on a Canada Goose coat if I had it to spend.

I only wish it had the coyote fur instead of the useless faux fur that it has. Coyotes are a nuisance and are overpopulated. There are lots of coyote hunters where I live and the coyotes are shot not caught in traps as some have suggested.

Hunting coyotes helps keep the population down and using the fur on a coat is a brilliant way to utulize the animal. For some this is pocket money, for others this is several months of pilling up. Do you often see cold and windy to degree weather or is this a rarity?

I walk between 50km and km a week year round. A Canada Goose parka clearly is. My only real gripe about the coat is the logo being so obvious. Grew up in northern Quebec so have some cold tolerance but I bought a terrible quality coat from MEC that was ripping within the first season. I was looking for a coat that is: I did all the stores in the city and picked http: A good coat that is breathable will function in a wide range of temperatures and is a good investment think of how many cheap coats you buy throughout the year!

To the best of my research, this company no longer exists, but were made in Winnipeg. They even look like Canada goose designs.

The exterior is void of gaudy patches. On the inside of the coat it just says percent made in canada and came with a tag certifying it wAs canadian down used.

There were other canadian makers clearly. Osc, Canada goose both have solid marketing. Just shop outlet stores or visit small town tack supply stores and you might be able to find one. Honestly, my North Face jacket was cheaper and comparable in warmth however my Pajar is far less bulky and I feel a lot classier in it. Yes, I would invest in to it, because through my 20 years in Canada I been buying different coats yearly.

Why not invest on something that will last a lifetime since they claimed its lifetime warranty. I love and own a Canada Goose down winter jacket. It keeps me warm in winter time and it helps me to have a good feeling of being a Canadian. So yes to Canada Goose! So my opinion is NO. I will never buy it because they use real coyote fur. Shame on you Canada Goose and whoever wears it. More sense less nonsense please! It is clearly stated on the CG website that coyotes are trapped!

Anyways, what difference does it make how they are killed. They are killed so that we can wear them, simple as that. We not only agree to that cruelty but we also pay for it. I vote for hunting some people for a change! I bet you live in a nice little box in the city and think that coyotes are just like the cartoons you like to watch.

You guys live in a real fantasy world, when you have a pack of coyotes take down your lively hood one after another, or threaten your children you have a very different opinion. They were here before us and we should respect every animal. We make conscious choices about cruelty and justify them every way we can. What bothers me the most is this talk about a need to control population.

We are the reason the ecosystem is not balanced, we as people like to exploit every aspect of life to the fullest. Thinking otherwise is lying to yourself. Go kill whatever is inconvenient to you. Hopefully nature will do the same! Bought CG parkas for the wife and I. We are year round recreational walkers and experience bitter cold often.

They are amazing coats in every way. But we also try to give back as much as we take to be part of nature rather than just a parasite. It is very aggravating to listen too or read sometimes. I live in fashion concious Manhattan, New York City where warmth waiting for public transport and aesthetic are important in my choice for a coat.

A bit torn up about the coyote issue: Were these all handed out for free to people this winter? Does this coat give you superpowers? When coyotes are culled, the reproductivity of nearby populations actually shifts into high gear, they will mate at an earlier age and have larger litters of healthier pups, who will be more likely to survive to breeding age.

Therefore, justifying your bad choice is just ignorant. I bought a Solaris parka from holts only to wear it for three months to have about 2 dozen pressure holes in the jacket. I was sent a replacement trillium jacket and the arm seams have holes in them again after three months. This brand is a joke. Buyer beware expect to have to go through the hassle of replacing your coat every year.

Wow, just stumbled on this site, boy are there a lot of people having comments about Canada Goose jackets and the cost. I have purchased mine 6yrs ago and the next year one for my wife. And they work great!

The biggest thing is the winter wind does not touch us, I should mention that we both have the Expedition style. Just be clear why you buy. It was fine from mid October until near the end of November, but when temperatures went down below freezing, my arms were cold. I also had cold spots in my shoulders and chest. I took the leap last year and decided to sell the coat on ebay.

I have not regretted getting rid of that fashion coat, it might be good for a trek to high school or work on the bus, but as far as standing outside for any length of time, it is useless. It depends where you live and how much time you spend outside during winter. Now to the moral and hypocrite outcry of coyote fur usage: I just wish people were as serious, involved, outraged and outspoken when it comes to the destruction of their own species.

Hahahah all the cities she named have very mild winters…come to Manitoba minus 35 before wind chill and experience cold. There are plenty of coats of brands that use faux fur and are just as warm. I bought one from Bench with a thick faux fur hood for a fraction of the price, and it keeps me very warm.

Like many others said, I do believe that the Canada Goose brand is just a status symbol. I am Canadian and would be proud to endorse Canadian-made materials, but the ethics behind this Canada Goose brand is too shady. I decided to take the leap and buy one. The fit, feel and quality of the coat is not on the same level as my north face and there is no comparison with this coat and my cheap kanuk that I use to work on my car. As you mentioned, I used this parca in the South Pole before they became somewhat of a fashion icon in the northern latitudes.

We got wind chills, and the coat was always toasty. Besides, the high price underlines a commitment to quality, and to the employees in Canada that manufacture this product. Absolute nonsense and hate the fact they use real fur!!! Just another stupid trendy thing. Rather its only water resistant. Does anyone know of better alternatives? Buy a down coat on sale in March or April.

A couple or three at most layers under a wind-resistant shell should be more than adequate. More important is a warm hat, mitts and socks. My daughter owns and wears a CG parka, in spite of which she has occasionally been cold, but not above C. Canada designs and makes some incredible winter footwear.

I agree with ET about attending to your extremities. Also remember that wind and humidity can make a big difference on how cold you feel. Ridiculously expensive and hell their selling out to the Americans so my dollar would not be staying in or profiting the Canadian economy. And look like a clone of every second person on the street? I like my individuality.

It was warm overall except my lower arms where I could feel the cold draft sipping through. I called Canada Goose, their recording saying they would return calls within a week. But they never returned my call. I would never buy or recommend their product. In addition, the Mystique design is so plain, almost as if it is made by someone with basic sewing skill. It lacks of many features that other brands have on their design such as; plenty of pockets, hood adjustments etc.

I thought such a long coat could shield the draft around my legs. No, not with this coat. I regret buying this coat. A friend told me that Tundra coats are much warmer at almost half the price. I feel it is a big rip-off. In Yellowknife, Canada Goose is the only coat to buy. Up here they can be bought used at yard sales but you have to arrive early. Shop Walmart for less, and you might get by for a year or two. Dear Mrs Taylor, I am was an avid Hurt at work,since a lot less active outdoorsman.

A while back I was shoppin for a computer. And the type of Computer custom vs off-the shelf seemed to fit the bill. Some of the information on the Web is just that information. Much is not sorted or collated in a proper format.

Ask yourself, exactly what you will use it for? Standing outside,ie not moving, Skiing? When you have honestly answered to yourself the use issue. Then you can weight the options. If you are very cold in moderate weather then look to what the professionals wear. In this case, people who snow ski board , hunt, or winter photography.

Think about it,they have to stand outside motionless for long periods. It take a long time and much effort to stage set up photographs or videos … You deserve a lot of credit.??? Even thinking the purchase over. Shows you have a lot of maturity… the good kind. On large purchases I would research the issue first web etc. Then when I was comfortable I would shop, with no intention of buying. And even then I would sleep on it.

Today I wait at least the weekend. Cheap and quality do not go well togheter… also http: I made my own. When temperature fall below F there is no substitute. Better to spend the extra cash than freeze to death above the polar circle.

To the person that said Lands End is comparable, she is full of it. Lands End is crap. It used to be really good but now the sizing and quality is ridiculously bad. To the lady who asked which Costco sells it. Canada Goose sells in select locations only. You can find out where to buy from their web site. And their prices are much lower than CG.

Unfortunately they only make jackets not coats. I live in Ontario and can attest to those cold, northern winters. Last winter was so cold in fact I decided to get myself a really warm coat. It cost about half the price of a Canada Goose jacket, but is longer and covers me better.

It might be a tad heavier to wear, but the fuzzy lining really keeps me cozy. I also strongly recommend a well lined leather coat for northern climates. Leather is the ultimate wind breaker, because it is non-porous. I used to have a down filled parka from Roots Canada, but still find leather warmer. I live in Ottawa and commute 45 minutes to work on 2 different buses. I am always freezing and need layers upon layers to stay warm.

I saw the Canada Goose display and tried one on with zero intention to purchase one. It fit amazingly well and you could just tell the quality was there from top to bottom. Yes, Canada Goose is a bit of a status symbol. But this coat is an investment, one I will never regret. Last winter, was the first winter I could actually tolerate the cold temperatures and blizzards.

The coyote fur hood helps keep snow out of your face and blocks the cold wind amazingly well. The lifetime guarantee was a definite selling feature. Any company that will guarantee their product for life, goes far in my books. Made in Canada with no desire to outsource as their company reputation depends on Canadian made products. I worked on an research ship that traveled the artic for a couple of seasons and it was beyond cold.

I recommend looking into the North Face parkas. You can get them on sale at Si Vous Play. They waterproof and insulated with fill goose down. They are well made and will last you years. Toronto weather is wet cold for the most part. Canada Goose is great for dry cold weather like the Arctic. Thanks for the Alpinetek comments. I have been living in Toronto for a year and half but am a native of a tropical country.

My body has a very low tolerance for cold temperatures. I have been wearing a no-name coat for 3 years and it has served me very well. Going into a fourth winter with it. Canada Goose make their coats in Canada, with the best quality materials, with fairly paid workers using an environmentally sustainable process.

But cheap products, be they shoes, coats or underwear no matter where they are manufactured, have a cost that most consumers never think of.

Human misery at the lack of a living wage. I love my Canada Goose! Plus, I do not like the label on the sleeve- just not classy! I am also against wearing the fur. Best jacket I ever bought, came from a Costco special. It kept me warm during a polar vortex, and it washes like a dream. Yes, it is made in China, but it is well made, and the price was great. I will put the money saved on a CG parka towards a holiday in a warmer clime!

Cannot believe you people are still debating on this after one year: A Corolla can get you somewhere, just like a North Face can keep you as warm, but when it comes to fashion and style, you just have to pay the extra to get them!

The harder you work, the more you deserve. Life is that simple. I am moving to Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada next month and am debating what kind of jacket to get. Temperatures there will probably be around mostly, before windchill. Is a Canada Goose really worth the money for the Arctic?

Not even will talk about bucks for a jacket, but will mention a fact when I bought 2 Super Triple Goose Parka 10 years ago and yes they are worn since I machine washed them at least times which made them loose some down filling, but it is still the best jacket that I ever had, cotton inside and out hate polyester aka plastic as make me sweat , great zippers, and removable hood.

Now you wonder the price?? Only 65 dollars each at Orfus road, probably by International Clothiers, so wake up people and stop feeding greedy business with your hard earned cash. CG sue to don;t let them to produce the same here, sure maybe quality is not the same, but for a tenth of the price I will take it anytime, I really wish that I could buy these jackets again… Ridiculous price difference, my salary is the same as 10 years ago and so is all my friends, so no inflation argument here… but I guess being ripoff is the price to all ourselves Canadians as in everything else.

I just bought a Canada Goose and it is totally worth the money — both in fashion and warmth. Yup — I can afford it. What could you do with that extra 2 hours per week that you save? They use coyote fur for the trim around the hood. How they get that fur is cruel torture of these coyotes which are in pain days before they will be killed for a coat. You can make a difference. Cannot for the life of me figure out why in this day and age, when we are suppose to be so darn smart, anyone would wear anything with fur.

I will stick to my expensive but warm obermeyer from austria. Sad to see some people when I am out walking my dog, they are out with their dogs and wearing these coats which have a dead dog wrapped around the hood. Stupid people wear these. If your dog is out for a walk with you, it is leashed, fenced or very well trained.

You feed it regularly and provide a place for it to sleep. This is not true of coyotes. Coyotes are shot on sight in some areas.

So are dogs if they are bothering wildlife, farm animals or are running in packs. I am currently seeking a new winter coat. I live in NYC where its a must to be fashionable.

I am small upper and very hippie. Pajar, Point Zero and Nicole Benisti. Hope that helps everyone. Eating animals and using their hide is normal! Smh Do you think Indians thought about animal cruelty? They just wanted to keep warm and provide for families so cut the bs… Please.

So Sinsae, when was the last time you cornered an animal, slit its throat and restrained it while its blood and life drained out of its body and then slit open its belly, peeled off its hide and cut out its guts before youcut it up into pieces to eat? I meet up with coyotes almost every day here. For the most part they try to avoid me so I have no issues with them.

However, some of my neighbours raise sheep and chickens the beef cattle are able to defend themselves and they have lost more than a few of these to coyotes or wolves or foxes or fishers etc. I have several CG coats.

They are good coats. I can afford any coats I want, why not have a good coat that supports our friends across the border? I am a cold person and needed a coat that did not leak feathers as some of the cheaper ones do , and also one that is classic and will give me many years of wear. I really did my homework well here, and discovered that Quartz Nature makes all their outerwear right here in Canada.

The quality is on a par with CG, but it is water resistant, and best of all, washable the Goose has to be dry — cleaned , and has the same amount of warmth as the CG Kensington. There is no huge badge on the sleeve, but just a discretely stitched logo of the same colour as the cloth on the front. The coat is light and very warm, and brilliantly made.

I took the Kimberley in a small, which still gives me room should I decide to wear a bulky sweater under it. I ordered it on line, and it arrived within four days. No, they are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but they should give you ten plus years of warmth and wear, and the styles are simple and classic. I could not be happier with my choice, and will be donating all those Chinese made cheaper jackets in my closet, to various charities.

I now only need my beautiful QN coat. It has been the best investment we have ever made. She has been through mountains of winter jackets from a vast array of brands and none have stood the test of time nor have they been warm enough for her we live in the north half of Ontario where it does actually get cold. The people above that say that no innocent animals were killed in the process of making their non-Canada-Goose jacket are incredible and clearly naive.

You can be sure this jacket has not left Canada regardless of exploitation , and does not settle for cheap China-made components. I go to Western University currently in third year. All I saw around me were people wearing Goose Jackets, and as far I was concerned it was nothing but an expensive trend for lack of research.

I thought they were the stupidest things and the biggest wastes of money. Canada is a nation of foreigners. And I would venture that your assumption about none of the components being sourced from outside of Canada is wrong.

I also noticed that there is more than a little hyperbole at the CG site. Nor is coyote fur the only material that would be effective at creating the turbulence around the facial area.

And I also have a strong suspicion that most of the workers in the CG plant s? That may be what you have interpreted, but it is merely an educated opinion. Reread my post and reconsider your words first of all. It could be Hutterites, someone who migrated to toronto and went north.

They could be Chinese, brown, black or even purple. The way it is done in the north is a way of life for them and it has its roots all the way back to the fur trade. And many trappers up there are European and Spanish. And, to add, Asian components on clothing have a reputation of being lower quality than that of Canada.

The jacket lasts long, is warm and fashionable. Well, my jacket has lasted me for 6 years so far and i in very good condition and continually keeps me warm and comfortable. I paid for mine. Including this winter it will have lasted me 7 years. Born and raised North of Sudbury and having spent my adult life bouncing around southern Ontario.

At 31 I have never bought a winter coat in my life. When I was 21 my Dad bought me a Columbia ski jacket for my birthday on sale for , still have it. I am more likely to put my money into sneakers than any other type of apparel but if my Southpole jacket ever dies I might consider it. My opinion of course. After years of purchasing cheaper coats, I have to say, CG might just be worth the price for all the reasons listed.

I started seeing the CG coats all over NYC lately and thought it might present a cruelty free option if it was so popular here. I have found the comments on this thread valuable in researching this product. Now, northern Canadians, be prepared to laugh….. Usually once the trends are done here they get copied and the original prices come down.

I hope in this case it increases CG sales over time drives the price to more reasonable, and keeps people working. Unfortunately there isnt a comparable option. If you think Northface, Patagonia, and Fjal Raven equivilants are nearly as warm or well made — you are mistaken.

I cant even wear my Patagonia Tres below 35 degrees without layering. Northface and Patagonia do not sell a single product as warm or higher quality than a Canada Goose Chateau. Let me tell you one thing. They are watering down the features on their parkas, yet the prices keep on going up.

I noticed the disappearance of these features when I saw the Expedition Parka in person in a store and also online, plus the parka seems cheaper in construction when I compared it side by side with my Heli-Arctic. In conclusion, years ago Canada Goose had not hit the mainstream yet, and I was one of the rare ones who owned one.

North Face was a lot more popular then. My comment was polite, did not insult or use offensive language. It was a testimonial on topic, based on real life experience and hard facts.

How and why would you block my comment then? If you did block my comment, you are clearly defending the brand. Hi, for some reason I just saw you accepted my previous comment. When I got home I saw my comment had not been accepted and it made me angry because it was on topic and relevant. Based on past experience, I thought you might had blocked it because you were defending the brand and what not, which would be ok in itself however I felt like the moderation would have been unwarranted.

Clearly you are not that type of person. I should not be using the comment section to post this I think, sorry.

Go online and look at the Quartz Nature range. Made in Canada, same down filling, and best of all, washable. You have the choice of different furs, fake fur or no fur. Lovely colours and designs and no huge status symbol badge. I have only had compliments when I wear my QN coat, and it is light and very, very warm, too.

Price is slightly less than CG, but I have never regretted buying this brand whilst it is still low — key. Go to their website and check it out. Love , love my QN! I live in Saskatchewan! I liked the idea of owning one of this parkas before I knew how much you had to shell out for one. My year old dollar Columbia winter coat is still in one piece and like new.

I still own one of the original Far West jackets from that was, at that time, made in Vernon B. This is by far the absolute best winter jacket I have ever owned. It looks worn but is still very much intact. As for Canada Goose….

You certainly get what you pay for. I assume they are authentic. Obviously, to those who choose to purchase one, it is a fair price. I understand the points that have been made regarding the cost associated with making a quality jacket that is very warm, wind proof and waterproof that will last for years, and thus, the relatively higher price.

The price set by the manufacturer is of course a business decision. That decision is based on a number of factors, including the cost, and the profit margin that the management and shareholders want to make given certain constraints with regard to price elasticity. In my view, the profit margin is very high, so those who rationalize their decision to pay that price should also recognize that they are lining the pockets of the shareholders of the business, who a laughing all the way to the bank.

Most people in winter are walking to and from some place or waiting for short periods at a bus stop or the like. In these situations another brand and a cheaper parka would suffice.

As a wildlife photographer, I am often sitting in one place in degrees celsius for many hours with 80 kilometer winds. A Canada Goose parka would probably pay big time for me in these situations. I intend to purchase one for its utility rather than for fashion so I give a resounding yes to this coat! It have kept me warm on my walks, live in Alberta, no regrets. This is a smaller company but with even higher quality jackets. Way more down fill and amazing huge coyote fur and beaver trimming.

I truly enjoyed Toronto winter this year! Bunch of my friends and colleagues actually bought their parkas from Arctic Bay as well. I am a big fan of this brand and recommend to all. It fits nicely, it comes to just above my knees. It is very comfortable. I am snug in it but not overly hot. When I was younger, I almost bought a fur coat until my cousin complained about sore shoulders after shopping in her mink.

Down coats are lovely in that respect. THIS, on the other hand, does —and does well. Best winter gear purchase I ever made. Trust me lady you dont know cold. These jackets are worth it. If you spent time working outside in —40 with the wind howling and icicles hanging off your eyelashes. You would appreciate a good jacket. There worth more then any bicycle. And waiting for the bus? Ask someone who works outside for a living.

Im talking hours and hours outside. It is perfect for braving the cold weather the east has been recently having! Buttons are set firm not loose. The hood is so warm and the fur does NOT get in the child's eyes as it's directed outward. It zips all the way up to chin so an inner scarf is not necessary. I add the card to the outside around the neck for more protection if it's snowing.

It is white which of course can get dirty easier but I love the clean, crisp look. It fits a little large but I did not find this to be a problem especially with wearing sweaters underneath, etc and it will allow for another wear likely next winter.

Excellent quality, color is stunning. Keeps my daughter super warm. The coat fits slightly big, but does not look as though it belongs to someone else. We can layer underneath and even if we don't, it still looks great! Glad I bought this. My daughter loves this coat! The only issue i had was what color to go with. I might end up getting another color, we love this coat so much!

My little girl is a 4t but growing. So I went and purchase the 4. I bounced between the 5 and 4 size. Glad I went with the 4. It covers her bottom. It is in my list for next year. One person found this helpful. Long Bubble-ablack Verified Purchase. A truly great buy and I would buy this again. I bought this for my three year old granddaughter and now her mother wants one like it. Don't know about that, though I will look around.

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Jan 19,  · Blame it on the falling leaves (and the falling temps), but we've had a certain piece of clothing on our minds as of late: getdangero.ga, as the blue skies turn to Home Country: US. Jazz up your style with a cute jacket! If you're looking for that perfect piece to pull your look together, or simply seeking an added layer of warmth, our jackets will surely do the trick. A jacket is a mid-stomach–length garment for the upper body. A jacket typically has sleeves, and fastens in the front or slightly on the side.A jacket is generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and less insulating than a coat, which is getdangero.ga jackets are fashionable, while others serve as protective getdangero.gas without sleeves are vests.