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Navy is one of those versatile shades that pretty much pairs with anything. Red is one of my favorites,but shades or pink,fuchsia,magenta,lighter blues like periwinkle,and gray make a great match. Yellow,white,even shades of green like olive (or army green) would match.

Some guys may end up with different suit colors or types of footwear. Black silver tone buckle belt. How do you like your suit trousers to fit?

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Designer Michael Bastian on how the right call can make or break a suit
Designer Michael Bastian on how the right call can make or break a suit
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Men’s Separates Combinations Navy Blazer With Beige Trousers. The bread and butter of separates, navy and beige are failsafe because beige is neutral and is discernibly complementary to navy.

Levi's brown leather buckle belt. Black rubber strap round bezel watch. Brown gold tone check watch. White poplin long sleeve muscle fit shirt. Tan brown leather snaffle loafers. Red super skinny fit suit pants. Dark green super skinny suit pants. Navy check skinny suit pants. Black floral skinny suit pants. Bright blue skinny fit suit pants. Light blue slim fit suit pants. Gold velvet skinny suit pants. Purple stretch skinny fit suit pants. Black slim fit suit pants. Black plaid check skinny fit suit pants.

Rust stretch skinny fit suit pants. Light grey slim fit suit pants. Dark grey check skinny suit pants. Grey herringbone skinny fit suit pants. Grey check stretch skinny fit suit pants. Grey check skinny fit smart pants. Grey check skinny smart pants. Black satin skinny suit pants. Brown dogstooth check cropped skinny pants. Light grey check skinny fit suit pants.

Dark purple skinny fit suit pants. Black skinny suit pants. The wide lapels help make it a classic garment. Just look at that belted back! Blake decides to take it up a few notches with some more splashes of color in his ensemble. Since it was a slightly cold day and Blake has hardly any body fat , he wears a chunky knit boat collar sweater. Like Spencer in the Laurence Fellows post , he adds just a slight touch of red that is slightly bold, but is grounded by the earth tones of the rest of the outfit.

If you look closely, the tie is pretty shiny and vibrant. They both are 3 button, brown jackets but they are obviously from different eras. Extra points to Blake for matching his metals! Everything is great except for the pocket square; I much prefer the exploding pocket square instead of the puff! I will admit that I got inspiration for this look from the Armoury , which has their own awesome Ring Jacket which also has patch pockets cut from a luxurious baby camel hair.

Camel really is an underrated color when it comes to sport coats, though it has been taken over by streetwear in the form of the topcoat. Same color, just different texture! In terms of actual alterations, I shortened the jacket as much as possible since the length was so long. I maintain my love of long spearpoint collars, collar bars, vintage print ties, and exploding pocket squares , but I decided to take a break from my typical stripe shirts and went with a plain blue one!

Like Spencer, the color contrasts nicely with both the brown of the jacket and the dark navy of the trousers.

The combo is much more interesting than the typical navy and grey, which in my opinion is more corporate. I say you capitalize on that and use it to tie together earth tones in a great fit.

Sure grey trousers could work, but I think that navy provides you with some needed deep saturation that still allows you freedom in your other pieces! If you already own a navy blue suit, why not get the most out of your suit and wear the trousers as separates? We may have a lot more clothes than the normal guy but we know where to maximize versatility when we can.

All of us are wearing the pants from our navy suits! Just try to get a brown jacket in something textured, as we all wore in this post.

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